November 2012

We were pleasantly surprised at how much Halloween is celebrated over here in China. Department stores had floating ghosts and ghouls, and scary pumpkins were making a good show of themselves.
We were unable to find a costume shop though, so getting dressed up for the night was off the cards L There is cool club/bar in Changsha called 4698, the one place in the city that caters to a rock crowd, and the live band they had on that night was really good!


The weather is getting noticeably colder and wetter as we get into November the but it seems nothing can dampen the Chinese peoples’ enthusiasm for fireworks. We hear them from our apartment on a daily basis here, and once a week the city puts on an impressive show from Tangerine island.

Pagoda on the rivers edge.










The island itself was once home to Chairman Mao, and now a huge station of his bust dominates one end of it. It felt a little surreal walking along grassy fields and fruit orchards, with buildings of seemingly western inspired influence in abundance, right in the heart of a busy Chinese city.  It was nice though get away from the hustle bustle on a sunny afternoon, and definitely worth the visit.

Cool trees.


History of Tangerine Island.

Mr Mao.

Sunset over lake.

Rock calligraphy.

Hello tiny grass.

Western style architecture.

Red leaves.

Willow tree.

Cool bridge.

Maos poetry.

Carved stone seats.

Sunset from pavilion.

We headed up to Yuelu mountain again, to see the deciduous colours, at the ‘Autumn Admiring Pavilion’. Not as many yellows and reds as we originally hoped, but it was still pleasant to see the maple leaves changing hue.

Tomb inscription.

Autumn colours.

Autumn admiring pagoda.

Looking at Yuelu Academy.

Yuelu Academy. – over 1000 years old.

Christmas is looming, and so is our school Christmas Party! We’ve been working on teaching them Christmas songs, and much to our surprise some of them even came up with their own little dance moves! However, one of Vickys classes spend their whole lesson laughing at the word Rudolph, because it sounds like Tofu.

Dwaynes favourite Ice cream soda.

Our school sign lit up at night.

Living under a bridge.

Dogs wear clothes in China.

China is the home of Cute.

Traditional dress.

Naughty dinosaur on the computer.

Sad stone.


Sad stone.


Standard statue

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