September 2012

We arrived in Changsha Airport on a humid Saturday afternoon, both wearing THE MOST inappropriate clothes (Dr Martins/long  black coats) due to limited baggage space. We literally looked like we stepped right out of The Matrix…

After throwing our bags down in our new flat, we went straight out for dinner, ate everything because we were so hungry (airplane food is butterz) and drunk daisy tea 🙂

We spent the first few days adjusting to the heat and the insane road system… there is none – driving on the pavement with your massive 4×4 is totally acceptable, oh and traffic lights are only there for decoration.

 We had to do our medical a few days after we arrived, and it was surprisingly quick, however, in-between them using what looked like 1930’s equipment, the blood on the toilet floor and me getting my boobs out, we were both relieved it was so brief…

Food shopping in China is literally like a lucky dip. We have tried some amazingly tasty food (stinky tofu), a lot of it spicy, they love chillies in Hunan. Dwayne likes pork dumplings, I am not so keen on the veggie ones… they have fake egg in them… yes that’s right… fake egg!

On our first few days off we walked up Yuelu Mountain, in 40+ degree heat… I’ve never sweat so much in all my life! It was worth it though, we saw some amazing temples and scenery … it was very pretty…

We spent another day off at the local park, dragonflies and butterflies were everywhere and the size of small birds, it was really cool. ^.^

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the teaching side of being in China is cool too! We‘re teaching 4-10 year old’s English…


…we have the cutest students on the planet.


Reading time

Reading to my naughty class… (The only time I get complete silence.)



Martyr Park stepping stones

Guy on bike

Standard china

Spot the dog guarding the tomb!

Tombs on the Yuelu mountain

Autumn temple

War hero


Bottom right : The chewiest food in the world!

Biggest boobs in China

Military out to stop the protests

We found a stray, and tried to feed it bananas…

Woman dancing on the roof to Jesse J

Kids dancing to Jesse J too, lol

Bridge in Martyr park

Bridge again.

Awesome boat

Love them bridges

Tree walkway across the lake


6 thoughts on “September 2012

  1. Looking good Dwayne

  2. Andre

    Big shout out to D-Wayne and his beautiful girlfriend from the Sapient Nitro massive.

  3. Congrats ~ Found your blog on Google while searching for a related topic, your site came up, it looks good, keep them coming !

  4. What a very informative site, I have found alot of very useful information here and still have a lot more to read. Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put in….

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